I am wiz Wingrower
Current Projects
Living in a cave has taught me more than many years as an academic.

I have at last began to master a laptop (solar powered of course and each day i am learning more about the internet. Believe me this generation are so lucky to have access to so much information and technology.

I have learned to set up a facebook page, aTwitter account and now a You Tube acount so I am at last moving with the times. many of my old colleagues would not believe it.

My friend Nigel wants to write a book based on my life but that would be hard for me as it would record my history which is the very thing I am trying to erase.

If you would be so kind as to keep him busy it might keep him off my back"

Only joking Ni you are invaluable to me.

Nigel taught me how to write letters onto video so I am really amazed at that, The video below was my first letter ever from the cave

As you will soon see, I am not only succeeding in erasing my history, but my present too!

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