I am wiz Wingrower
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Despite being a cave dweller I reply to all contacts with the outside world within seven days.

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The following links to websites are connected with C-options the business of my student Nigel Lewis, who maintains this site on my behalf.

www.c-options.co.uk   Our main website

www.hypnosus.com Our Cognitive hypnotherapy site

www.thecourseofyourlife.com Our website offering group coaching.

www.crashprogramme.com Our web site offering a young persons project.

www.c-options.com The American companion of our British site

www.thex-cop.com Coaching and therapy for Police staff

www.way2learn.co.uk Our coaching for learning site

www.c-optionscoaching.co.uk Life Coaching site

www.cmenow.com Emotional awareness site

www.wizwingrower.com The landing page for Wiz Wingrower.

www.ec-coaching.co.uk  A site to be developed

www.livelifelovelife.co.uk  Our fitness and health training site

www.biocognitivetherapy.com  A new form of therapy

www.biocognitivetherapy.co.uk Therapy using biofeedback

www.iwishiwasastar.com Site to be constructed soon

www.gastrickband.co.uk Site to be constructed soon

www.lesswaitweightloss.com Site to be constructed soon

www.heart-nsoul.com Site to be constructed soon

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